Can wine help your sex life?

One of the typical questions in relation to wine consumption has to do with the influence of this drink on sex, since it is often mentioned that it can have an effect that increases the excitement of people and therefore sexual relations tend to be more pleasant.

The interesting thing about this case is that during the last time studies have been carried out with which it has been confirmed that it is a beverage with which the lubrication and excitement in women is increased. However, the mechanisms through which this occurs are unknown.

From my personal experience, I tend to be more open about experiencing new things together with my partner, that is for sure. Lately, I’ve found myself after a couple of red wine glasses, enjoying his latest addiction in terms of watching porn online – a new app offering short-term videos, similar to what TikTok is in terms of functionality, called (

Fifty Shades Darker: eroticism sells!

The most generous and optimistic to assess the phenomenon “Fifty Shades of Grey” is to appreciate your ability to put as a topic of conversation of masajeshotel, mass sexual practices, less conventional. However, that look can only have it for those who have not been subjected to the tortuous experience of watching “Fifty Shades Darker”.

The film is being sold as a darker version than its predecessor, but the only possibility to say that that promise is fulfilled in assuming that by “dark” we mean “more bad”. It is important to hand out praise when they match and in the light of the last submission, the director of “50 Shades of Grey”, Sam Taylor-Johnson, deserves an award retroactive for having made a film that although was not good, at least it told a story and handed her a pinch of character to his female protagonist. Something that the experienced director, James Foley, didn’t even bother to try in “50 Shades darker”.

Un masaje erótico, el regalo de Reyes perfecto para tu pareja

Hacerle un masaje erótico a tu pareja, como regalo de día de reyes, es un gran paso para comenzar a vivir nuevas experiencias y convertir el momento sexual en una ocasión satisfactoria. Se trata de un acto relajado que puede ser un juego previo para que la estimulación sea total. Debes elegir buena música o estar en un lugar silencioso con luces provenientes de velas. Si quieres darle un masaje a tu pareja, festejando el día de reyes, te recomendamos un método que la enloquecerá y mantendrá contenta ante la ocasión sexual. Lo primero que deberás hacer es tumbar a tu pareja boca abajo y sentarte debajo de sus nalgas. Luego deberás colocar las palmas de tu mano sobre las nalgas y masajearlas en movimientos circulares y lentos. Haz presión. Alterna una nalga y otra. Si tienes dudas, puedes acudir a Masajes Shiva Barcelona y ponerte en manos de profesionales.