Fifty Shades Darker: eroticism sells!

Fifty Shades Darker: eroticism sells!

The most generous and optimistic to assess the phenomenon “Fifty Shades of Grey” is to appreciate your ability to put as a topic of conversation of masajeshotel, mass sexual practices, less conventional. However, that look can only have it for those who have not been subjected to the tortuous experience of watching “Fifty Shades Darker”.

The film is being sold as a darker version than its predecessor, but the only possibility to say that that promise is fulfilled in assuming that by “dark” we mean “more bad”. It is important to hand out praise when they match and in the light of the last submission, the director of “50 Shades of Grey”, Sam Taylor-Johnson, deserves an award retroactive for having made a film that although was not good, at least it told a story and handed her a pinch of character to his female protagonist. Something that the experienced director, James Foley, didn’t even bother to try in “50 Shades darker”.

Based on a bad (?) book

It is true that the material with which you are working is already questionable, the film is based on a book that has been pointed out on several occasions as “one of the worst books ever written”, but it is also fair to demand that a movie that sells itself as “audacious, erotic, and transgressive” at least show some courage to address, investigate or celebrate sex.

Make the paste complete, I invite you to leave aside the attitude of “intellectual know-it-all” and phrases such as: “Is a bad movie, don’t tell me how seriously you expect out for good?” and analyze in-depth why this film fails, plunging even more the saga and ushering in new levels of mediocrity film.

Let’s start by the most questionable, the tape away from raise the bet, or re-evaluate the boundaries of sexual liberation, focusing on highlight, every 10 minutes, a story old-fashioned, moralistic and conservative, where the sexual conduct “non-traditional” are deviations that are unhealthy are caused by childhood traumas. In simple words: Christian Grey has a piece full of sex toys not because enjoyment of sex is not conventional, but because he missed hugs when boy.

The power of Dakota Johnson

The look of the film is not generous with the female character, who loses what little and nothing that made him interesting in the first installment to be transformed into a robot without character, opinions, or strength of will. An elegant dinner and a cunnilingus quite loose enough for our protagonist to forget all the doubts that I had in the first installment of the saga. Not much time passes before we see as Mr Grey picks up all the behaviors of authoritarian, even to the point more outrageous when he was prohibited from attending a work trip, and Miss Steele accepts the ban, but not before babbling: “Pucha Christian, do not be so, you know that I like to work”. Someone should tell Anastasia Steele that we are in the year 2017.

Assuming that this is not enough to quell the interest of the viewer in the film, the internal structure of the script is a disaster, long sequences of successions of events that do not get to nowhere, characters that come in and moments of suspense so poorly developed, that far from raising the ribbon to the category of “erotic thriller”, they end up taking involuntary laughs and being mere formalities between a sex scene and another.