Can wine help your sex life?

Can wine help your sex life?

One of the typical questions in relation to wine consumption has to do with the influence of this drink on sex, since it is often mentioned that it can have an effect that increases the excitement of people and therefore sexual relations tend to be more pleasant.

The interesting thing about this case is that during the last time studies have been carried out with which it has been confirmed that it is a beverage with which the lubrication and excitement in women is increased. However, the mechanisms through which this occurs are unknown.

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Wine and its influence on sex

The relationship between living sexuality has been very close in human history. We can start from the Greek mythology where this drink is known to emerge from a teardrop of Dionysius, who thus became the god of wine and fertility.

Despite the above, the real effects around the sexual behaviour of people who consume it have not been studied by science. Recently, a team analyzed the link between wine intake and sexual function in women and soon came to the conclusion that it is actually a beverage that stimulates the body in this sense.

Broadly speaking, the results have shown that wine consumption increases sexual desire, lubrication and overall sexual function. However, it is emphasized that the mechanism used by this beverage to provide such an effect is so far unknown.

The physical impact on the body

It is also worth noting that the presence of compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids makes it possible to propose hypotheses that are responsible for this effect in women’s bodies, but there is no certainty in this respect.

However, beyond what has been mentioned so far, it is worth noting that it is not all about the consequences of the composition of this beverage, but also about social factors such as the way in which wine is represented in people’s minds.

In other words, in addition to the chemical and biological effects that can be found in wine, it should be remembered that from a social perspective, this is a beverage that is thought to be very sensual and arouses sexual desire, so it is to be expected from this point of view that it is effective as far as sex is concerned.