Theresa May loses her big bet

Theresa May loses her big bet

Convulsion in british politics, which is also that of the whole of Europe faced the problem of Brexit. Theresa May has lost the bet heads or tails of the election. The advancement of the polls to end up with Corbyn that seemed to be sunk in the polls and given a most solid it has ended in just the opposite: it May has lost the absolute majority which he inherited from Cameron and Corbyn goes very reinforced. Arise already the first voices in our own ranks tories calling for the resignation of their leader after “a disastrous campaign».

Jeremy Corbyn, 68, has returned to retake his or her seat, perennial Islington North, in the North of London, which has been his livelihood since 1983. With your red tie, a wound of the same color on the flap and a huge smile, he declared himself “very proud” of his campaign and results and was quick to ask for the resignation of Theresa May, that “must give way to a Government representing truly the people of this country.”

Enormous loss for the Prime Minister

The diagnosis of Corbyn is that “the people of this country has turned its back on the austerity tory”. But it is a reading too simple of these elections, where no doubt the end has heavy shadow elongated from Brexit: many voters oscillating between the tories and labour, but that in the european referendum were inclined to stay, were not happy with the drift of May towards the Brexit hard. The first minister has advocated for the immediate departure of the single market and the customs union, strict controls of immigration to reduce it to one hundred thousand people a year (today they are 273.000) and has been reluctant to recognize the rights of community citizens who live in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May said her first words of the night in his constituency of Maidenhead, where he won his seat, and it seems to stick to the charge. Ojerosa and serious, dressed in a suit jacket red, said that “still photography is not complete and he added: “At this moment more than ever the country needs stability, and if the data are correct, the conservatives have won more seats, and probably more votes, then it is incumbent upon us to ensure a period of stability and that is exactly what we will do”.